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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

4 Reasons to choose Shin-Ei

The reason why customers would like to purchase cars from us is that many of our stock vehicles are in good condition, the high quality. We collect our vehicles not only from car auctions but also from our customers. That’s what other Japanese Exporters are not able to do.

Personal Assistant

Our experts have tens of years of experience in the export of cars and goods from Japan. With a personal approach to each

Lowest Commission

Shin-Ei Japan has one of the lowest commissions, while at the same time maintains the highest level of service and dedicated professionalism that our customers expect.

Large Selection Of Used Cars

There are over 70,000 used cars bought and sold in Japan every single day. We offer you direct access to the best deals, that only local Japanese car dealers have access to.

International Shipping

We can secure the fastest and safest routes for shipping cars and goods from Japan to your port of destination. Contact us today for more information on the best itinerary, prices and shipping schedule.

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